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Four Levels of Concern


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Feb 2, 2012

. . . Four Levels of Concern

You pick up a hitchhiker, a beautiful young girl.
She suddenly faints in your car.
You rush her to the hospital.
. . You are worried.

At the hospital, they say she is pregnant
and congratulate you on becoming a father.
You say that you are not the father,
but the girl claims that you are.
. . This makes you anxious.

You request tests to prove your innocence.
The tests show that you are infertile
and probably have been since birth.
. . You are relieved but still tense.

While driving home, you think of your wife
and your two lovely daughters.
. . Now that's stress.


Jul 7, 2012
You find out later someone cloned your DNA and used it to impregnate the random hitchhiker as a stress experiment. Although, I dont get the part, how did he get his wife pregnant? Edit : I guess that is the funny part.
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