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Finite abelian group textbook help


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MHB Math Scholar
Mar 10, 2012
I need to read about finite abelian groups.

I searched 'finite abelian group' on amazon and the closest search result was 'finite group theory'. Googling didn't help either.

Does there exist a book dedicated to finite abelian groups? If yes, and if you know of a good one then please reply.

Right now I am primarily concerned with the action of $\text{Aut}(A)$ on $A$ where $A$ is a finite abelian group. If you know of a good source of literature in this particular topic then please help.


Jan 26, 2012
I doubt there will be books written exclusively on finite abelian groups, because finite abelian groups are quite well characterized by the results here. Also, I have not read it, but this might be of interest.