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Factor and remainder theorem question


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Feb 2, 2014
Q1.) Use the factor and remainder theorems to find solutions to:

\(\displaystyle 1x^3+1x^2+-9x+D=0\)


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MHB Math Helper
Jan 29, 2012
Re: Please please help with these questions guys

You have posted a number of problems with NO effort of your own shown. Do you know what the "remainder theorem" and "factor theorem" are? The ones that ask you to use the remainder theorem require only simple integer arithmetic! Don't you realize that?


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Q1.) Use the factor and remainder theorems to find solutions to:

\(\displaystyle 1x^3+1x^2+-9x+D=0\)
Hello and welcome to MHB, Jordan1994.

You originally posted 4 questions, 2 of them containing 3 parts in one thread. In order to make MHB more useful and efficient for everyone involved, we ask that no more than two questions be posted per thread in the initial post, and if any questions contain multiple parts, these should be posted alone in their own thread.

So, I have split your questions appropriately into their own threads. :D

The title of your original thread did not indicate the nature of the problems, but was something like "Please please help with these problems". We ask that when you post a question, that the title reflect what kind of question is being asked in the initial post. This makes it easier for our helpers to see what kind of questions are being asked without having to actually read the thread, and makes giving help more efficient, as well as making threads more useful in searches.

We also require that when a question is posted, work be shown so that our helpers know where you are stuck. We are here to help you work the problems yourself, not work them for you. You will gain much more by being an active participant in the process.

has posted statements in the new threads that address some of the same issues I have when reading the questions.

So, I encourage you to visit each of the new threads as well as this one, and post your work or thoughts on how to begin the problems, and we will be happy to assist you. (Star)

I know it may seem like I have given you a long list of grievances, but I hope you can see that our policies are designed to make MHB as useful as possible for everyone. This was your first post here, and we do not expect everyone to be familiar with all of our policies right from the beginning, so this is why I have explained them so you will know how to better follow the guidelines in the future and why they exist. The rules are not to discourage or restrict, they are to make MHB the best it can be. :D