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Business Math Event specific revenue versus costs


New member
Dec 18, 2018
Hi there!

I have a problem that I cannot solve and I really need your help. This problem is connected to a single event held by an unnamed company and I am asking you to help me form an equation. Basically, the simple equation would be revenue-costs=profit/loss. I need to form an equation that indicates how a single variable affects both revenue and costs and preferably find their correlation OR how the change in the variable affects both revenue and costs. I am simply not smart enough to form one. :confused:

The revenue part consists of total amount money spent/event, which equals the number of meetings in the event for company n multiplied with cost of each of the meetings for company n. There are 5 meeting options that a company can choose from:

1. 5 meetings = 1250 currencies
2. 10 meetings= 2400 currencies
3. 15 meetings= 3450 currencies
4. 20 meetings= 4400 currencies
5. 25 meetings= 5000 currencies

The total number of companies, n, for the event is 39.

The costs part consists of base salary cost for six employees which is constant (same for each of the six employees) in addition to a 10% provisional cut for each of the above-mentioned meeting-packages sold to customers.

I need something that indicates the change in both revenue and costs when n is changed and in which relation they change.

I tried to be as clear as I can, but as you can probably see, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I tried forming the equation myself, but after two hours and some progress, I decided to try and find someone smarter than me.

If you need more explanation or I was not clear enough, I am perfectly fine with trying to explain further. Thank you so much in advance! :)


In Memoriam
Mar 19, 2012
Well, read your post 3 times, got nothing but a splitting headache...

Perhaps you could ask someone, like a local high school math teacher,
to help you present your problem clearly...

You owe me 6 Tylenols :)