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Econometrics Questions


New member
Sep 29, 2020
Hey everyone,
I'm doing an 3rd year economics course in university and I'm already running into difficulty trying to show proofs of the following:Q3 and 4.png

Now I certainly don't wish to ask for spoon feeding just some direction or source to where I can look up and read for the solution. My knowledge on these are still weak and the deadline is by the end of this Friday. I'm going to try the text book tomorrow to see alternatives because I couldn't understand the lecture as well as I had hoped.

Thank you

Country Boy

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MHB Math Helper
Jan 30, 2018
3a is easy: \(\displaystyle E\left(\sum X_I\right)= \sum E(X_I)= \sum \beta= n\beta\) so the expected value of \(\displaystyle \frac{1}{n}\sum X_i\) is \(\displaystyle \beta\).

Pretty much the same thing for 3b.

For 4, what does "linear model" imply?