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Difficult Question on decimal placing


New member
Jul 10, 2013
Hi All,

Trying to find a program or (excel) or any software which allows you to cross over both sides of the decimal place. I want to extract left and right of the decimal and add in rules . I cant seem to find any programs to do this.
Any help would be good.

1. entering a number say - 1234.45

i would like to do two things, select the right side decimal numbers plus the 1st left placing. = 445 beocmes the number

And i woudl like to be able to extract the next decimal over so 1234.45 becomes 344.5 .

im not sure what this is called or how to achcieve it in excel or any math program , any help would be good.

PS - obviously id like to be able to go 2 left placing and two right combined so the example above would be : 1234.45 would be 3445

appreaciate any help or idea what this type of math is called or comes under



Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Hello Elementry,

I have moved this topic, as it is more of a programming question than one of mathematics, although some basic math is involved.

To move the decimal point, multiplying by a power of 10 will do the trick. A positive power moves it to the right, while a negative power moves it to the left.

Then, to strip off the digits to the right of the decimal point, you could use the int(x) function intrinsic to most programming languages, known as the floor or greatest integer function in mathematics, to accomplish this. For example:

1234.45 - int(1234.45) = 0.45

Will your data always have the format xxxx.xx?