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Confusing word problem.


New member
Apr 4, 2013
How many linear equations are needed to find the constraints in the polynomial when modelling data that has been found to follow a linear function?"

The question seems way too wordy in itself and I have not been able to find anything useful in my textbook or external resources.

Can someone please help me break it down to help understand what it is looking for?

Edit - Problem Solved! :D
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New member
Apr 4, 2013
I solved the problem myself. :eek:
2 linear equations are needed.


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
Hello and welcome to MHB!

I restored the original content of your first post. When you remove this content, then the thread is greatly devalued and really makes no sense. We discourage such edits to posts in MHB rule #7 which states:

Do not edit or delete questions after getting help. When you edit or delete a question after getting help, you subvert the context of the help and the thread becomes difficult to follow. Moderators will close threads vandalised in this way, restore the deleted question, and infract the offending member. The material posted on MHB is a valuable resource for everyone. It is unacceptable to vandalize this resource. Note that a member who deletes a question after getting help casts suspicion of cheating upon themselves. Be careful what you post. The public can view whatever you post - including all staff and students of the institute at which you may study - and your posts may show up on Google searches. It is good etiquette, if you mark your thread as [SOLVED], to post your solution so that others searching MHB will be able to see the solution and not waste their search time.
While this rule is primarily intended to keep people from removing their questions after getting help, it still applies even if you solve the problem yourself. However, I know you are new and did not intend any harm, so there will be no infraction or closing the thread. I just wanted to inform you of our policy for future reference.

You are welcome to post how you found the solution so that others reading this thread can see what you did. :D

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