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Compute the circulation of F along C


New member
Oct 19, 2012
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This is my first post. So if I made any mistakes that is the way I asked the questions, kindly let me know.

The work done so far


C {0,0,1} to {1, pi,1}

C eq: {y=pi*x, z=1}

dr={dx, pi*dx, 0}
F={cos(y/z), -x/z*sin(y/z),xy/z^2*sin(y/z)}

F.dr = -dx [dot product and simplified]

Integral[F.dr]{0 t01} = -1

Am I in right track???


"Read Euler, read Euler." - Laplace
MHB Math Helper
Feb 29, 2012
Welcome to MHB, Uniman! For future reference and searches later, I believe you should type out the question using LaTeX. It will make it easier for all of us to read and discuss your approach. :D

Last but not least, this looks like a multivariable calculus question. Perhaps it belongs in the Calculus sub-forum. (Nod)

Adjust your other thread accordingly! ;)


New member
Oct 19, 2012
Latex? Is it a software available online.......Sorry I post these two threads in the wrong section. Am I able to move this thread......
Waiting for the experts to check my answers. By the way this forum looks great......


Staff member
Jan 26, 2012
Hi Uniman,

Welcome to MHB! :)

You can read up on Latex here but in short it's a way to output nice looking equations which are difficult to write otherwise.

For example \frac{x^2+3x-2}{\sqrt{2x^2-11}} outputs \(\displaystyle \frac{x^2+3x-2}{\sqrt{2x^2-11}}\). We have a forum dedicated to Latex which you can find here.

I am not sure where this thread belongs so I'll ask one of the moderators to move it to a new place if needed. Sorry I can't help you myself but rest assured that you should be getting some help soon.