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[SOLVED] Complaint

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Apr 3, 2012
MHB Newbie
Just a simple order of operations question​

"Please do not completely solve (read: do the work) for the student here,
as per
the MHB rules."

skeeter (a newbie with just 4 posts at that posting):

"1) the OP (student) has no idea that this particular solution even exists ...

2 a) has the urge for a "math-help fix"
2 b)become so desperate that one must
2 c) cross-post from another site?"​

1) So what! Explaining that a solution exists is not the same as working
out the solution.

2 a) It was/is not a "math-help fix." It's a "math-do-out-all-of-the-remaining-
for-the-student fix" Stop misrepresenting what it is.

2 b) It is not "desperate." Using that word by you in this context is only you
deflecting onto me, instead of sticking to the merits of what I stated about
not showing the work.

2 c) There is no "must" of cross-posting from another site. If it is done, and it
is pertinent (as this was/is), then all the better.

- - - skeeter, please do not post anything to me in the forum, unless you are
going to give valid arguments and avoid "points' made on emotionalism.

(And, if you're going to be labeled an "MHB helper,' then you won't undermine the
fact of the MHB rule.)


Re: Just a simple order of operations question

Originally Posted by skeeter
the OP (student) has no idea that this particular solution even exists ...
has the urge for a "math-help fix" become so desperate that one must
cross-post from another site?


"This issue has been brought up before by dwsmith. You can read the past discussion and
add anything in this thread if you're interested. I believe what Sudharaka is doing is
trying to help and promote MHB at the same time. (Then, he can be more careful in
the future.)
. . . to bring in many new members (of whom skeeter is).

As always you can PM me or make a thread in the feedback forums if you have any issues,
thoughts, comments
Jameson, your PMing ability from me to you has been disabled
(as well as from me to skeeter).
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Staff member
Jan 26, 2012
Re: To skeeter and jameson, following rules for not posting solutions as per MHB rules

Hello checkittwice,

I'm not exactly sure I completely understand you because your post has a very strange format for some reason but I believe you misunderstood to whom skeeter was speaking. He was addressing Sudharaka, who took an unsolved problem from a different math help site and posted it here along with the solution. As I interpret skeeter's post he was expressing disagreement with bringing problems from other sites to MHB. He quoted a part of your post only to show that this rule doesn't really matter in this case if the person who asked the question on the other site doesn't know that the solution can be found here at MHB.

I'm sorry you couldn't PM me. For some reason there was a mistake with my settings. You should be able to reach me now through PM.

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