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[SOLVED] Close threads as not solved?


Active member
Feb 3, 2015
It seems to me that inevitably some threads don't get solved.

There's probably a good reason that I will soon hear about, but why not allow members to mark their own posts as closed but not solved; maybe also 'closed but partly solved'.

I think it would be easier to organise 'My Threads' - I can quickly see which open threads are still worth pursuing further.
But also for people searching for a topic, they would probably, at least sometimes, like to exclude 'not solved' posts from their efforts.

Alternatively maybe just a way to notify the adjudicators that a member would like to close a post, with an adjudicator deciding.


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
There are a variety of reasons why threads do not get completely solved. I would say the chief reason is lack of user followup. People post questions, and the vast majority of the time help is posted to nudge the user in the right direction, but sometimes they simply do not return to the thread to either ask for further help or to demonstrate that the help that was given allowed them to complete the problem. And so such threads remain in an unsolved state. If at least 24 hours has gone by since help was posted, we do not discourage anyone from then posting the solution...however, only the OP and staff members can change the thread's prefix to [SOLVED].

If anyone who is not a staff member, posts a complete solution to a question after at least 24 hours has gone by since any help was last posted, then they should feel free to use the "Report Post" feature to alert the staff that they have solved a thread, and if the solution is deemed to be solid, a staff member can then mark it as [SOLVED].

We likely have many threads here that have been solved, but have not been marked as solved. While we have provided a means for people to mark threads as solved, we have not actively encouraged users and staff to use it.

As far as creating other prefixes, I personally feel that having just the [SOLVED] prefix is sufficient, and threads not marked as solved can be viewed as likely not solved until viewed to make certain. This is just my opinion though, and I welcome other opinions on the matter.