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Changes To Our Post Reporting System

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Feb 24, 2012
Hello MHB Community,

In response to Prakhar's suggestion posted >>here<<, we have developed a custom add-on for vBulletin that will implement the requested features. We wish to extend our appreciation to Prakhar for taking the time to put forth this useful suggestion. (Yes)

If you have already reported a post, then you will see the "Report Post" icon in red instead of black:


When you hover your mouse cursor over the red icon, you will see information regarding the reported post, including the reason(s) you gave for reporting, whether the issue has been marked as resolved by the staff, and whether multiple reporting for that post is disabled or not:


Being able to report a post more than once depends on whether the post was made by you and on the permissions settings for the add-on we developed.

If you then click the "Report Post" icon, you will be alerted of the information regarding the report, because it can be easy to miss a tooltip (mouse rollover information) and therefore we want to be sure the user is aware of the fact that they have already reported that post and why.

If multiple reporting for the post is disabled, you simply click the "Ok" button to return to the thread, otherwise, you can click the "Ok" button to proceed to the reporting form, or click "Cancel" to return to the thread:


We hope you find this new feature useful, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post in this thread. :D