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Changes That Were Made to the POTW Submission Process

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Chris L T521

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Jan 26, 2012
Hello everyone,

I mentioned in this thread that there were two main changes made to the form itself and what happens after you submit your answers.

1) From now on, when you submit a solution for a certain week's POTW, you will receive a copy of what you submitted via PM. This makes things easier for you in case you stumble across a mistake and want to resubmit a corrected solution. There is currently no cap for how many times you can resubmit a solution, but please keep it reasonable; if someone submits way too many solution threads for a certain problem, we'll have to enforce a cap of some kind.

2) To allow for picture uploads to the submission form, we had to mess around with the permissions of a formerly secret subforum (the POTW Member Solutions subforum). With these permissions, you're capable of posting threads in that subforum and can only see your own thread. However, we've put a lot of restrictions on what you can do there because that subforum is for POTW solutions only. I'm sure you guys will respect that, but I'm letting you know ahead of time if anyone posts a thread in this subforum which is not a solution to that week's POTW, they will receive a 10 point infraction.

Anyways, I (and I'm sure Jameson as well) appreciate the fact that you participate in the POTWs every week, and I (we) hope to see you guys continue to do so in the future! (Bigsmile)


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Feb 24, 2012
Many of you may have noticed that we have made some styling changes to the form for submitting solutions to the POTW. We have removed the italicization and indentation of the text of the solutions.

It recently came to our attention that attachments were not allowed while filling out the form for submitting problems as candidates for the POTW, and so we have made the same changes as described above to those subforums. This is why you are now able to suddenly view new forums, although only your own threads will be visible. You will now also receive a copy of your submission via PM.

As with the POTW Member Solutions subforums, we will strictly enforce the rule that nothing is to be posted there except through the form designed for that purpose. We trust that this will not be an issue though, because not a single person has posted a thread directly in the POTW Member Solutions subforums since the permissions were changed there. (Yes)