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Change of Position: Word Question


New member
Jan 30, 2014
In a game of tug of war, your team changes -1 and 3/10 (-1.3) feet in position every 10 seconds. What is your change in position after 30 seconds? I said -3.9 but apparently was wrong. What am I missing?


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
The only thing I see missing from your response is a unit of measurement, i.e., the change of position would be -3.9 ft. Perhaps they only want the magnitude of the change, as distances are defined to be non-negative lengths.

If we use the relationship between distance, constant speed, and time:

\(\displaystyle d=rt\)

and plug in the given data:

\(\displaystyle r=\frac{1.3\text{ ft}}{10\text{ s}}\)

\(\displaystyle t=30\text{ s}\)

we get:

\(\displaystyle d=\left(\frac{1.3\text{ ft}}{10\text{ s}} \right)\left(30\text{ s} \right)=3.9\text{ ft}\)