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Capital Tau


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MHB Site Helper
Jun 22, 2012
In a recent post I wanted to use a capital tau ... and so typed \mathcal{ \Tau_1 } but generated an error ...

Can someone please help ... ...

I wanted the capital tau symbol as in the following text ...

Singh - Start of Sectio 1.4 ... .png

Hope someone can help ...


Klaas van Aarsen

MHB Seeker
Staff member
Mar 5, 2012
Hi Peter,

Capital Tau is just a T.
Mathjax doesn't have a caligraphic Tau, but the caligraphic T is the same thing: $\mathcal{T(S)}$.
Alternatively we can consider mathscr T: $\mathscr{T(S)}$.

I think that the T in your text is just a caligraphic T. It is just rendered slightly differently.
Note that a lowercase tau actually has its bottom curve in the opposite direction
although this is hardly visible in the mathjax version ($\tau$).

Prove It

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MHB Math Helper
Jan 26, 2012
Try mathcal{T}, which gives $\displaystyle \mathcal{T}$.