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Mar 15, 2021
A tea company intends to pack tea into 200g packets and sell them at such a price to make a 30% profit. The machines are set incorrectly and put in too much tea. Only 25% profit is made. How much extra tea is put in each packet?


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MHB Math Helper
Mar 1, 2012
let p = selling price of a single packet
let c = cost for one gram of tea paid by the company

30% profit on a packet implies $p = 1.3(200c)$

let $x$ be the additional tea per packet in grams

25% profit on a packet implies $p = 1.25[(200+x)c]$

dividing the first equation by the second ...

$1 = \dfrac{1.3(200)}{1.25(200+x)}$

solve for $x$