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Physics Archer and Sound Travelling Problem


New member
Nov 16, 2012
An archer fires an arrow, which produces a muffled "thwok" sound after it hits a target. If the archer hears the "thwok" exactly 3.0 s after firing the arrow and the average speed of the arrow was 33 m/s, what was the distance sepa*rating the archer and the target? Use 340 m/ s for the speed of sound.

I have the same problem with different values. If I could see an answer I could then see how to plug in on my other problem.
At least i hope too




Indicium Physicus
Staff member
Jan 26, 2012
For this problem, I would definitely draw a diagram, and label relevant quantities. Then I would probably break the problem up into two parts: arrow to target, and "thwok" sound to archer: treat those two events as one after the other.

Does that give you some ideas?


Well-known member
MHB Math Helper
Jan 29, 2012
Pretty much the same thing- call the distance to the target, in meters, "d". At 33 m/s how long does it take the arrow to get to the target (in terms of d)? At 340 m/s, how long does it take the sound to get back to you (again in terms of d)? The sum of those two times must be 3 seconds. Solve that equation for d.