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Applying for a masters degree uk


Feb 25, 2012
Hello, I currently study at Edinburgh university and am going into my 4th, with an average of just above 80%-which I expect to rise a little. I am thinking about applying to masters degrees with a view to doing a phd (but I'm taking one thing at a time).

I'm currently enrolled in a 5year MMath program but I was thinking about leaving after 4 years and applying to do my masters somewhere else. I was wondering what chance you think I would have of getting into somewhere like Durham, Warwick, Imperial ect. I appreciate that only the people who deal with admissions at these universties know exactly and there are many other things taken into consideration but I was just looking for a rough guide. Is it realistic to apply to these places or do you have to have a very high average to get in (90%+). Also do you know how much emphasis is put on grades in the admissions process as opposed to interview, references and so on.

Thanks very much for any help