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All Members: How I Learn Math

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Jul 26, 2020
Two people below.

I will call myself Pete to keep my real name hidden in a public website.

See the difference.

A math guy knows more math than Pete . A math guy can reason his way through any problem, even linear algebra material that he has not taken. Why? The math guy knows more math than Pete. The math guy has taken courses beyond calculus 3 (back in his school days). Pete went as far as precalculus way back in the Spring 1993 semester.

On the other hand, Pete can only answer questions that he has been taught how to do.


Pete is in class and learns how to solve
2x + 5 = 20 for x.

Here goes:

2x = 20 - 5

2x = 15

x = 15/2

This is what Pete learned in class.

Pete's homework:

Solve 3x + 4 = 16 for x.

Pete can solve 3x + 4 = 16 for x by following the example he learned in class that is SIMILAR to homework questions.

Understand? This is how I best learn math. If I have not seen a problem before, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that I'll be able to solve it. David Cohen does not explain how to solve most of the questions found in his textbook (in the back of each set or chapter).

Look at this:

If two apples cost 50 cents, how much would it cost to buy 12 apples?

Once I learn how to do solve this problem (AND I DO, BY THE WAY), I can then solve similar textbook questions. This explains why I always got 85 or better in all my math courses from primary school grades through CUNY.

Understand? I want to know what members here have to say. Please, understand that I am not lazy. I am not looking for members to solve David Cohen questions by the hundreds because they have nothing better to do. You say?


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Feb 21, 2015
I say that is beautiful.