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Advanced Mathematics Assignment


New member
May 28, 2019
Hi guys, I am in desperate need for help with my assignment in advanced maths. In my assignment, I am required to use geogebra to support in answering the given questions. If someone can help me, that will be greatly appreciated.61425639_386045348670419_8718288542884691968_n.jpg



Staff member
Feb 5, 2013
Hi hxns and welcome to MHB.

I find those images too small to read.

The Introductions forum is for, well, introductions :eek: so I'm moving your thread to the Pre-University Algebra forum. If this is inappropriate let us know or, better still, post a larger image or type out your questions. (Please note that it is preferable that only a few questions are posted at a time to avoid lengthy posts and confusion).