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[SOLVED] Actvity Stream Not Specific To User On Profiles


MHB Ambassador
MHB Ambassador
Mar 18, 2015
When I click a username and then click on "View Profile", I am redirected to the activity of all the users instead of the activity of that particular user.


Staff member
Feb 24, 2012
When you go to a user's profile, and you click the "My Activity" tab, what you see is the activity of that user, and everyone on their "Friends" list.

If you send a friend request to a user, but they do not accept, then they are your "contact" (but you are not their contact) but if they do accept, then they are your "friend" and you are their "friend."

There are no options in the AdminCP to change the way this works, and unless there is more demand for restricting the activity reported on user profiles to only that user's activity, I don't think coding this option would be time well spent.

I will mark this as [SOLVED]. :D