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A VERY Merry Xmas to all Guests and non-Members...


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Sep 16, 2013
Yes, of course, this is doubtless the wrong board to post in, but also the best for guests and non-members to see, hence also kind of right... Ner ner! :p

Anyways, I speak not for "the forum" here, as I have no such right, but as someone who's run a few forums in his time, I say this: forums are just as much about regular guests and non-members as regular and irregular members. So, that being the case, I'd like to wish a very, very merry Christmas to all of you who occasionally pop up around here...

Season's greetings... (Sun)

And keep coming back. Make it a New Year's resolution or some such... :cool: (Bandit)

All the very best!!


And special (possibly seasonal, but also general) thanks to the admin on here. Your kung fu is good! (Hug)

Wibble, wibble...
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