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A very late introduction


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Mar 30, 2016
It looks like two years have gone without an introduction, so maybe it is time to create one.

Well, I'm not quite sure what I should say and what not, but I'm about 30 years old somewhat sick man who is trying to keep himself alive against cancer and depression. Math has been my hobby since 2001. I've also studied theoretical physics, mathematics and astronomy in university about 7 years - before I had to stop due to several reasons. Thus far I'm nothing but a hobbyist when it comes to anything related to my studies.

I have several topics which I'm interested in. Bolded are maybe the main topics.

  • In mathematics:
    • calculus
    • numerical analysis
    • differential equations
    • discrete systems like difference equations, cellular automaton, etc.
  • In physics:
    • classical mechanics: e.g. projectile motion, Hamiltonian mechanics
    • fluid dynamics
    • general relativity
    • electrodynamics
    • magnetohydrodynamics
  • in astronomy:
    • celestial mechanics
    • stellar physics
    • star formation
As for my day to day life, I've noticed that it is very dangerous to go out and walk. There may be something outside that inspires me to do some computations over 10 years...


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Sep 16, 2017
Thank you for writing this. Normally I would answer something like "welcome here and I hope you will enjoy these forums", but in your case that would be silly.

From what I saw in passing, your posts are of high quality and interesting, although I do not always feel I am the most qualified person to respond.

On a more personal level, I wish for you to get well (or: better), so you will be able to do the mathematics you enjoy most in a way that does justice to the capacities you undoubtedly have.