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A math game for MHB


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Jan 11, 2013
Hey guys, its been a while, sorry for the sudden dissapearence. Anyway, long story short math became sort of an addiction which hindered my proffesional life, i've decided to do math which is more in line with my current work (programming) than stuff like galois theory.

Regardless, i promised Jameson at one point to create a sort of math game application for MHB and i finally have some time to put this into action. I was wondering if there is any interest for this and if so any sort of creative ideas will help shape this idea. I mainly posted this in the hopes of getting a discussion going, if there is any interest at all, as to what type of math game would both be fun, educational, and competitive.

There is competitive chess, gaming and , even competitive programming, im quite interested in exploring the idea of an online math app which fosters competition with a sort of ranking system.

In my break i've also spent time studying the forum software this site uses and so i can easily interface the game with this site so that it looks like a natural extension of MHB.
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