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6.8.7 Population Growth


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Jan 31, 2012
$\tiny{\textbf{6.8.7}}$ Kiaser HS

Population Growth The population of a southern city follows the exponential law
(a) If N is the population of the city and t is the time in years, express N as a function of t.$N(t)=N_0e^{kt}$
(b) If the population doubled in size over an 18-month period and the current population is 10,000, what will
the population be 2 years from now?
2&=e^{k(1.5)} \\
\ln 2&=k \cdot 1.5\\
\dfrac{\ln 2}{1.5}&=k\\
\therefore k&\approx0.462098\\
f(t)&\approx10000e^{0.462098\cdot 2}\\
&\approx 25198

well anyway hopefully ok :unsure:
typos maybe


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Aug 30, 2012
I didn't check the numbers but the logic is correct.