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[SOLVED] 2.3.361 AP Calculus Exam of differentials of sin wave


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Jan 31, 2012

image due to graph, I tried to duplicate this sin wave on desmos but was not able to.

so with sin and cos it just switches to back and forth for the derivatives so thot a this could be done just by observation but doesn't the graph move by the transformations

well anyway???


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MHB Math Helper
Mar 1, 2012
what makes you think it's a trig function ? ... could it also be a polynomial function of degree 3 ? note my calc screenshot

as you stated, you don't need the equation of the curve to make the correct choice ...

$\displaystyle h(6) = \int_0^6 f(t) \, dt < 0$

$h'(6) = f(6) = 0$

$h''(6) = f'(6) > 0$