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MHB General Rules
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  1. No bumping.

  2. No double-posting.

  3. No flaming.

  4. Show the nature of your question in your thread title.

  5. Choose the correct subforum.

  6. Do not cheat.

  7. Do not edit or delete questions after getting help.

  8. Do not ask more than two questions in a thread or post.

  9. Start a new thread for a new question.

  10. Do not post part of the question in the post title and the rest in the main body of the post. Post all of the question in the main body of the post.

  11. Show some effort.

  12. Post in English.

  13. Help only with questions you are quite certain you know how to do.

  14. Do not explain hints prematurely.

  15. Stay on-topic.

  16. Do not ask for help in Visitor Messages, Private Messages, or Live Chat.

  17. Links in signatures to commercial websites are forbidden unless an administrator specifically approves them. Overtly evangelical or political statements are forbidden in signatures.

  18. Do not use a pornographic picture as your avatar or as an image upload. Do not post pornographic content or links to pornographic material.

  19. In posting on Math Help Boards you agree that MHB may reuse your posted work in any way that the administrators or moderators deem appropriate, without seeking any further permission, but with due attribution where appropriate to the originator.

  20. This list of forum rules is not necessarily exhaustive.

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