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Thread Descriptions 1.1.4

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This product allows your users to add descriptions to threads which display below the title on various pages. You may define CSS to be applied to the description, the maximum length allowed for the thread descriptions (1-256 characters), and if you want an icon to be displayed to the left of the thread descriptions you may enter the path to the image file. You may also enter any CSS you want to be associated with the icon.

When a user posts a new thread, they will find a text field below the thread title field into which they may enter a description for the thread.


To change a thread's description, one may either edit the first post of a thread, or edit the thread via the "Administrative" drop-down menu in the "Thread Controls" element on the Show Thread page.



A thread's description will show up on the forum home page, the forum display pages, the search results pages and the show thread pages.





If a thread is deleted, then it's description is removed from the custom table added on installation. If two threads are merged, only the description of the destination thread is retained.


Version 1.0.1:

  • Attempt to resolve reported db error on index page.

Version 1.0.2:

  • Attempt to resolve reported CSS issue on Show Thread page.

Version 1.0.3:

  • Second attempt to resolve reported CSS issue on Show Thread page.

Version 1.0.4:

  • Attempt to position description directly below title on Show Thread page.

Version 1.1:

  • Added setting for "Active Display Areas" (Select the places where you want thread descriptions to display).
  • Added setting for "Active Forums" (Select the forums in which you want thread descriptions permitted).
  • Added setting for "Permitted Usergroups" (Select the usergroups allowed to use thread descriptions).
  • Added a bottom margin to the thread description element on the Show Thread page when the facebook like button is present.

Version 1.1.1:

  • Resolved reported issue with editing thread descriptions.

Version 1.1.2:

  • Resolved reported issue of description being removed on quick edit.

Version 1.1.3:

  • Attempt to resolve reported db error.

Version 1.1.4:

  • Fixed reported issue where thread descriptions were lost on post preview.


Tested and working on VB 4.2.x and may work on all 4.x versions of vBulletin.


This product alters your database, however it is always good practice to make regular backups and you should make a backup before installing ANY new mod.

As always, products are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will provide support and do my best to help but no absolute guarantee is offered.

To Install:

  1. Download and extract the attached .zip file.
  2. Follow AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product.
  3. Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product .xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
  4. Click "Import."
  5. You MUST enable the product in the settings before it will function.
  6. Configure the remaining settings to your liking. Each setting has a detailed explanation of its use.
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