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Ignored User Data 1.8

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This product allows you to choose which usergroups are allowed to view the ignored user data for users on their profile, under the "About Me" tab in the section labeled "Statistics." The information for the users that are being ignored by that user as well as the users who have chosen to ignore that user is diplayed. If there are no users in either list, then "None" is shown. You may also choose to allow your moderating staff to see a list of all ignored users, sorted by the number of users ignoring them, in the "What's Going On?" block on the home page.

This is what you will see on user profiles:


This is what you will see in the "What's Going On?" block:



Version 1.1:

  • Force text within usergroup elements in AdminCP to be standard color for good contrast.

Version 1.2:

  • Replaced checkboxes for usergroups chosen to see ignored user data on user profiles with select element.
  • You now have the option for your moderating staff to see a list of all ignored users, sorted by the number of users ignoring them, in the "What's Going On?" block on the home page.

Version 1.3:

  • Username HTML markup is pulled from cache rather than database.
  • Added the option to limit the number of users displayed in WGO.

Version 1.3a:

  • Fixed bug involving deleted users on ignored lists.

Version 1.4:

  • Fixed bug caused by deleted users remaining in ignored userlists for user profiles.
  • Users listed in ignored lists on user profiles now link to their profile and use HTML markup for their usergroups.
  • WGO listing shows how many users are listed.

Version 1.5:

  • The "can_moderate()" query is replaced with selected usergroup(s) in the product settings to determine if a user can view the ignored users in the WGO element.
  • The "user" table is now queried only once rather than for each ignored user.

Version 1.6:

  • The ignored users displayed in the WGO block are now stored in a datafile (./ignoredusers.txt) that is updated once an hour (if applicable) rather than querying the database. When the product is installed/updated (ver. 1.6 or higher) the datafile is initially built, and if the product is uninstalled the datafile is deleted.

Version 1.7:

  • Replaced db query for retrieval of ignored users on profile page with manipulation of string already in memory.

Version 1.8:

  • Fixed faulty db query issue when there are no ignored users to report.


Tested and working on VB 4.2.x and should work on all 4.x versions of vBulletin.


This product does not alter your database, however it is always good practice to make regular backups and you should make a backup before installing ANY new mod.

As always, products are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will provide support and do my best to help but no absolute guarantee is offered.

To Install:

  1. Download and extract the attached .zip file.
  2. Follow AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product.
  3. Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product .xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
  4. Click "Import."
  5. You MUST enable the product in the settings before it will function.
  6. Configure the remaining settings to your liking. Each setting has a detailed explanation of its use.
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