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What is POTW?
At Math Help Boards we post three new problems every week at the high school, university and graduate levels. They are meant to be challenging and for many require more thought than problems given in past math courses. At the end of every week we judge all submissions from our members and form a list of everyone who answered the problems correctly. We post this list and the full solution so others may see how the problem is correctly done. We mix up the difficulties and topics of each problem to appeal to different users so if one week the problem is too easy or too difficult, check back again next week or look at past problems. We are sure there is one that you will like and will make you think!

Submit your solution to this week's POTW
To submit your solution to this week's problem of the week please use our forms system and do not post your solution anywhere publicly in the forums. Please remember to read our guidelines and follow all rules otherwise your solution may not be counted.

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Submit your own problem to be used for a future POTW
If you want to contribute a possible problem for us to use please use this form. If your problem is used in the future you will be given due credit when the problem is posted. We will contact you if we have any questions and you are free to do the same. We appreciate these submissions greatly since in general we write the problems ourselves every week and it's nice to get new ideas.

Thank you for participating and enjoy!

MHB Staff
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