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    I've a question if you could help me with it, i'd be happy.

    Expand and simplify the following set of brackets: f(x)=(x+2)(x+4)(x+1)

    f(x)= ............ X3+.. X2+. X+11

    I am looking forward to your answer.

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    Thank you very much for the kind "Welcome" !!!
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    Hi. Thanks for the welcome. This is my first ever involvement in a forum. Not sure about the thread thing. I got a message when i first signed up that i had to reply to a thread before i posted my own? True?
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    thank you for the message I had a question regarding this website. how long does it usually take to get a response to something
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    Not to sure where to start. I have say a wire frame with 4 O/S perimeter measurements (measurements not even and is not square) 2 diagonal measurements 2 opposite points are low and the other 2 are higher I dont have the heights. My problem is I would like to find the centroid point and have the 4 new diagonal measurements to fill this in with 4 triangles of material. I want to do the Calculations in a spreadsheet as the measurements could change I think first off I need to work out the height ,work out all the horizontal measurements,work out the centroid of that then half the height and do the Pythagoras from that. I can give you my measurements that I have made up. Ive tried to do the maths in excel by flattening and find out the new bd using ac diagonal and finding the new ac using bd measurements but I was getting 2 different heights not by much 13 mm I know why but got lost. Hope you can understand where I going with this. This problem has been bugging me for years. Allan
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    how do I post my own problem I need help with?
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    I need help for below solution

    The height in inches of 10 students selected at random are as follows
    61 62 62 65 66 67 68 69 69 70

    on the basis of this figures is it correct to conclude that the mean height of students is 68 inches?
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    Thank you!
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    also can u pls suggest important questions of maths for class 12 2018 board for maths
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    sir i have a doubt in chapter 1 relations and functions example 23,24,25 of class 12 .please solve them boards are approaching
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