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    I really like TeXstudio for the vast majority of my typesetting tasks. It's very smooth and works great for large numbers of small files, which is what I deal with most of the time (quizzes, quiz solutions, and quiz study guides). However, there are several things that bug me about TeXstudio, and I wonder if anyone here has experience with the software, and can point me in the right direction:

    1. It annoys me that when I open up a .tex file, TeXstudio does not automatically search for a corresponding pdf and open that up in the Preview window. Can you configure TeXstudio to do this?

    2. Related to # 1 above, if I have several .tex files open simultaneously, and I switch from one .tex file to another, can I configure TeXstudio to switch to the corresponding pdf in the preview window at the same time?

    3. If I want to typeset a percent symbol, %, then in $\LaTeX$ I have to type \% to escape it. TeXstudio automatically inserts a space between the backslash and the percent symbol. How can I get TeXstudio to stop doing that?

    [EDIT] I have fixed 3. Turns out I had a macro, apparently installed with TeXstudio, that was doing the mischief. As I am not interested in this particular macro, I have simply deleted it, and the problem is solved. I'd still love to have feedback on 1 and 2.

    Thanks very much for your time!

    [EDIT] I have on TeX.SE.

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