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What is an MHB POTW Director, and how do I become one?

An MHB POTW Director is an MHB user who has been selected by the staff to manage at least one POTW category for MHB. Their duties include posting a challenging problem each week whose level of difficulty is appropriate for the given category, and then checking the submitted solutions for accuracy, and posting the names of those who answered correctly and choosing one or more user solutions to post, or if no solutions are submitted, posting a correct and well-written solution themselves. An MHB POTW Director has shown agreement with the spirit of MHB by following the forum rules in posting. The username of an MHB POTW Director appears in purple.

To become an MHB POTW Director, there must first be a position opening up, and then the MHB Administrators will choose, in whatever manner deemed appropriate at the time, a candidate who has in some way expressed an interest in becoming an MHB POTW Director and who is then privately asked if they would be willing to take on this duty for MHB. Like the MHB Math Helper, an MHB POTW Director is not considered a staff member. Although there are moderating duties involved, the MHB POTW Director badge is completely independent of staff ranks. Staff members are MHB Site Helpers, MHB Moderators, MHB Global Moderators, and MHB Administrators.