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What is an MHB Global Moderator, and how do I become one?

An MHB Global Moderator is one rank higher than MHB Moderator, and one rank lower than MHB Administrator. The MHB Global Moderator has moderating privileges on the entire forum, and generally keeps the forum organized by moving threads to the correct subforum, correcting poor thread titles, keeping the general tone congenial, and in other ways enforcing the forum rules. MHB Global Moderators have the power of infracting users that break the rules. The MHB Global Moderators help the MHB Administrators via delegation. Think of the MHB Global Moderator as an executive officer. The username of an MHB Global Moderator appears in green.

MHB Global Moderators are usually promoted from the ranks of MHB Moderators. Like the MHB Moderator rank, you must be an MHB Math Helper or MHB Math Scholar. You must be nominated and seconded by the existing staff. While the final decision on the promotion is up to the MHB Administrators, it is generally acknowledged that the existing MHB Global Moderators also weigh in on the decision. MHB Global Moderators together with MHB Administrators make up the senior staff.