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What is the MHB Site Owner, and how do I become it?

The MHB Site Owner is the person who owns the domain name, the licenses for the forum software components, hosts the software/database online, and is responsible for all costs involved in running MHB. The rank of MHB Site Owner is not a staff rank, but it is simply a way to publicly identify the owner of the site in the interest of disclosure to the MHB community.

To become site owner of MHB, you must buy out the existing site owner, Jameson. As he is rather ornery and protective of his domain, this could prove to be quite difficult. Bribery might work well, but you will need to find out what Jameson likes. Clues to what he likes may or may not be found by closely studying his posts, and perhaps bribing other staff members. Be advised though, the staff is very loyal and may lead you down the wrong path and/or alert Jameson of an impending offer, so proceed with extreme caution.