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What is an MHB Site Helper, and how do I become one?

An MHB Site Helper has shown agreement with the spirit of MHB by following the forum rules, has a significant post count, and has shown an interest in helping out with the administrative side of MHB by reporting posts that violate forum rules. The username of an MHB Site Helper appears in blue.

To become an MHB Site Helper, you must be nominated and seconded by existing staff. You do not need to be an MHB Math Helper or MHB Math Scholar to become an MHB Site Helper. Although the MHB Administrators have the final say in who becomes an MHB Site Helper, it is generally agreed that all existing staff from the MHB Site Helper rank on up have input on who becomes an MHB Site Helper. MHB Site Helpers together with MHB Moderators make up the junior staff.