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What is an MHB Ambassador, and how do I become one?

An MHB Ambassador is an MHB user who has performed significant service for MHB in reaching out. See this thread for more information about what the staff looks for when thinking about MHB Ambassadors. An MHB Ambassador has shown agreement with the spirit of MHB by following the forum rules in posting. The username of an MHB Ambassador appears in red.

Like the MHB Math Helper, to become an MHB Ambassador, you must be nominated and seconded by staff members, and the staff must reach a consensus. Also, like the MHB Math Helper, an MHB Ambassador is not considered a staff member. In fact, the MHB Ambassador badge is completely independent of staff ranks. Staff members are MHB Site Helpers, MHB Moderators, MHB Global Moderators, and MHB Administrators.