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What is an MHB Administrator, and how do I become one?

The MHB Administrator is ultimately responsible for managing all aspects of the forum: the look and feel, installing features, awards and promotions, usergroups, forum rules, etc. The MHB Administrator is the highest rank in the staff of MHB. An MHB Administrator should generally have some IT experience, preferably some forum administrating experience, and agree with the vision of where MHB is headed. The MHB Administrators control the direction of the entire forum. Think of the MHB Administrator as a president. The username of an MHB Administrator appears in orange.

To become an MHB Administrator, you must be nominated and seconded by the existing staff. The decision is made by the existing MHB Administrators. Like the MHB Site Helper, but unlike MHB Moderators and MHB Global Moderators, you do not need to be an MHB Math Helper or MHB Math Scholar in order to be an MHB Administrator. The reason for this is that the skill set required of a forum administrator is different from the skill set required of a forum moderator. MHB Global Moderators together with MHB Administrators make up the senior staff.