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    Re: 281 7.5.9 int wiht partail fractions

    Yeah but I still sometimes miss those old days where DOS was high tech and Windows hadn't been invented yet.


    topsquark Today, 21:16 Go to last post

    Re: 281 7.5.9 int wiht partail fractions

    wow with 377 views that was a great help

    they did one in class but I got lost on getting A and B

    really appreciate the steps

    karush Today, 17:16 Go to last post

    Re: sum of infinite series

    A quick note:
    $ \displaystyle \sum_{k = 1}^{\infty} \dfrac{k^2}{2^k} \neq \sum_{k = 1}^{\infty} k^2 \cdot \sum_{k = 1}^{\infty} \dfrac{1}{2 ^k} $

    topsquark Today, 15:59 Go to last post

    Re: Characteristics of rings

    (a) Show that if the ring has characteristic zero then the elements $n\cdot 1\ (n\in\Bbb{N})$ are all different.

    (b) If the characteristic

    Opalg Today, 15:51 Go to last post

    sum of infinite series

    Hi, I'm trying to solve the sum of following infinite series:

    $ \displaystyle \sum_{k=1}^{\infty} \frac{{k}^{2}+4}{{2}^{k}} = \sum_{k=1}^{\infty}$

    goohu Today, 14:51 Go to last post
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