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    Just as a heads up, when we make the switch over to XenForo I will need to close MHB temporarily to do this. I hope it won't take more than part of a day. Once that date is set I'll make an announcement.

    Another thing to keep in mind. While I tried very hard to keep the functionality that makes MHB great for math question like LaTeX, Desmos, and TikZ, there are going to be things that are not the same. Not every piece of vBullletin will come to XF. I think that with some time we will all get used to the new and hopefully better software and if there truly are holes where we need to add something I will look into it.

    XF will work natively on your phones! LaTeX will render, you can post easily. It's all native to the software unlike vB and Tapatalk. It is also much lighter in its overall size so loads faster and feels snappier. I think you will notice this immediately. Our current site is a bit slow and has a lot of pieces to load. It's not optimal.

    I'll repeat all of this in the announcement I'll make when the migration date is set. Should be in 1-2 weeks. If you have any last minute thoughts this is truly the time to speak up.

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