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    Hi MHB,

    I hope 2019 has been good to everyone.

    This announcement is a heads up that we are planning on moving MHB from running on to sometime in the next few months. Right now I'm working with a web designer to have our custom forum style migrated over. It will look very similar but have a newer feel to it. The current forum style is a bit dated, so a refresh is a nice thing regardless of the underlying software.

    I'm posting about this now to give anyone that has questions/comments/suggestions a chance to voice them and I'll do what I can to address them. The main question that is natural to ask is "Why change software?" so I'll try to summarize the key reasons I think this will be good for us long term.

    • vB4 is not mobile friendly at all, and a huge part of our traffic is from mobile devices. XF runs great on mobile devices for any style out of the box. You also won't lose any functionality like LaTeX that you do when you use Tapatalk.
    • vB4 is no longer being developed and improved. vBulletin has moved on to vB5 for active development and vB4 isn't going to have any more changes. The XF platform we are moving to is their flagship product and has regular updates/improvements.
    • XF is faster and smoother. You can look at the link above to see XF's own forum for their main site, but in general it's a lighter and snappier software. MHB is a pretty heavy and slower site right now, which hurts us in terms of web rankings and user experience.

    Some functionality that MarkFL has built will not be available immediately but we will work on slowly porting over what we can. Before going live I will make sure that LaTeX, Desmos, BBCode, and TikZ are all working.

    As of now I think this change will happen sometime in Jan-Mar 2020. Once the custom theme is wrapped up I'll share more. Until then please let me know your thoughts!

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