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    hello i dnt rlly know how to approach this question or what i should even start to do, so help would be greatly appreciated, the problem is as follows:

    A clown is fired from a cannon towards a cream pie, centred a distance of 15 metres from the
    cannon. The pie has a radius of 1 metre and the horizontal distance R the clown travels is
    given by:

    ln R = −2.282 + 2lnu+ ln(sin2θ)+ε

    where u is the initial velocity in metres per second, θ is the angle of the cannon in radians,
    and ε is an error term with distribution N(0,0.1).
    The initial velocity has three possible settings: 5, 10 or 15 m/s. The angle of the cannon also
    has three possible settings: 0.349, 0.436 or 0.524 radians. What combination of settings will
    maximise the probability that the clown will land in the pie, and what is that probability?

    thank you!!!!!

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