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    Hello by0young0math! Happy Birthday!
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    Hello and welcome back to MHB, bw0young0math!

    We are happy to see that you have returned, and we look forward to your continued participation here!

    On Behalf Of MHB's Staff,

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    Hello and welcome back to MHB, bw0young0math!

    We are happy to see that you have returned, and we look forward to your continued participation here!

    On Behalf Of MHB's Staff,

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    Hey Young,

    I do spend a gret deal of time online, particularly here at MHB, but I do sleep and eat. I hardly ever manually log off and this may make it appear that I am online more than I actually am too.

    Best Regards,

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    Hello Young,

    First let me say I am very happy you found MHB. I wish you the best in becoming a teacher, and I have great respect for educators. I feel teachers make one of the most profound impacts on society in general.

    While I participate on several math help sites, and am a global moderator on two of them and an administrator on a third, MHB is my favorite for many reasons. MHB has a truly dedicated team of administrators who are always looking for ways to make MHB even better. They take each and every comment/suggestion made by the members very seriously. They make certain to let those who are contributing know that it is appreciated.

    I simply enjoy trying to help students gain a better understanding of mathematics. I find it very gratifying. I think mathematics is a universe full of so many wonderful concepts that give us deep insights into the world in which we live. I want to help people to see some of these things.

    Best Regards,

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    " ..,I study complex analyis, but it is as difficult as I study real analysis."

    Would you believe that I learnt complex analysis without any knowledge of real analysis . Yes , I faced some difficulties but it is the most interesting mathematical subject for me .

    " special function.. I heard that word at first from you. "

    They are not taught in university you can learn them yourself . Some might be given as side notes or exericises in complex analysis or differential equations like bessel functions Legendre polynomials , gamma functions ...

    "If I'm not rude, could I ask you how long you study math? If so long, what do you think about math's attraction?"

    For around one year . Most of it is just self-study . I don't quite understand your question .
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    Hi Young

    I am Zaid , nice to meet you !

    I am interested in complex analysis , special functions and integration here .
    I guess we are +3 GMT , in here .

    Analysis is a big subject , I guess you are discussing Real analysis at the moment . I agree it is an attractive area .
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    One of our administrators is going to see about correcting this issue, but it may take several weeks to do so. We appreciate you bringing up this issue as we do want to get it corrected.

    Best Regards,

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    You should watch "Dong Yi", take my word, it's equally beautiful as "DaeJangGeum".

    Nice to hear you like analysis topics. Analysis is a bit difficult at first but as you get hold of it, things will become easier. In any case do PM(private message) me or any other staff member if you have any questions regarding the site. I know you have a problem with your profile picture, but it will be solved soon, the administrators are already looking into it.

    A nice day to you too.....
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    Hello again,

    I have raised the issue with the staff concerning profile pictures and it seems there is a problem with the displaying of these pictures, most probably because of the extensive custom design work the admins have done to give MHB a unique look and feel. At the moment we are deciding what action we should take. I just wanted to keep you updated.

    I am very happy that you like MHB and wish to both ask and answer questions. Please feel free to do both; we encourage your participation.

    Best Regards,

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