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    The computer science department has 6 committees that meet once a month. How many different meeting times (in a month) must be used to guarantee that no one is scheduled to be at 2 meetings at the same time, if committees and their members are given below.

    C1 = {Daim, Viknesh, Lila}, C2 = {Viknesh, Johanes, Philo}, C3 = {Daim, Lila, Philo},
    C4 = {Johanes, Lila, Philo}, C5 = {Daim, Lila}, C6 = {Viknesh, Daim, Philo}

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    Hello johndunlop and welcome to MHB!

    We ask that our users show their progress (work thus far or thoughts on how to begin) when posting questions. This way our helpers can see where you are stuck or may be going astray and will be able to post the best help possible without potentially making a suggestion which you have already tried, which would waste your time and that of the helper.

    Can you post what you have done so far?

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