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    I have 5 boxes and I am displaying the amount of hours it takes to complete 3 different steps with the materials inside said boxes (you don't need it, but its item removal, rebagging, and consolidation). However, there are different amount of bags inside each box, and I need to make a comparison chart that can somehow weight the time so that amount of bags in each box is taken out of the equation. Basically, I need to see if the amount of bags/box is really contributing to increased time or not by removing bag amounts and making them all proportional somehow.

    In the 5 boxes there is a total of 683 bags. Box 1= 60, B2=138, B3=99, B4=287, and B5=99. For Box 1, step 1 took 2.5 hours, step 2 took 6.66 hours, and step 3 took 1.3 hours.

    If anyone can help with the first box and explain I can do all the rest, I'm just not sure how to do this...

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    I am not sure this is what you need, but you can divide the time each step took by the number of bags in box 1 to see time per bag. So, step 1 takes
    \frac{2.5\,\text{hours} \cdot 60\frac{\text{minutes}}{\text{hour}}}{60\,\text{bags}} = 2.5\frac{\text{minutes}}{\text{bag}}
    Then you can compare time per bag between box 1 and box 2, for example.

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