Hi everyone!

We made it through another year. I hope 2016 was great for you and that 2017 is off to a great start so far. We have completed the 2016 awards process and here is a summary of the winners.

Member Voted Awards

MHB Pre-University Math Award (2016) MarkFL
MHB Calculus Award (2016) MarkFL
MHB Statistics Award (2016) MarkFL
MHB Discrete Mathematics Award (2016) Evgeny.Makarov
MHB Analysis Award (2016) Opalg
MHB Advanced Algebra Award (2016) Euge
MHB Topology and Advanced Geometry Award (2016) caffeinemachine
MHB LaTeX Award (2016) I like Serena
MHB Best Ideas Award (2016) I like Serena
MHB Model User Award (2016) evinda, mathlearn
MHB Humor Award (2016) topsquark, Evgeny.Makarov
MHB Chat Room Award (2016) Evgeny.Makarov

Staff Voted Awards

MHB Math Notes Award (2016) Ackbach
MHB Challenges Award (2016) anemone
MHB Challenges Solver Award (2016) kaliprasad
MHB Model Helper Award (2016) I like Serena
Secondary School/High School POTW (2016) kaliprasad
University POTW Award (2016) Kiwi
Graduate POTW Award (2016) Opalg

Congrats to all!

Thank you to all of those who voted and nominated a user. For a free website this is highest honor we can give someone and it means a lot to recognize those who give their time to MHB. Thank you for being here and I look forward to our growth in 2017. MHB turns 5 on January 26th, so be on the lookout for an anniversary post.

~ MHB Staff